The UK’s seas provide an incredible and delicious range of fish and shellfish, from Cornish sardines, to Cromer crab and Peterhead cod. Our coasts are home to thousands of determined and innovative fishermen who work in often dangerous and difficult conditions to land the amazing variety of seafood on offer.

The Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust works to build and safeguard a prosperous and sustainable fishing industry, for the benefit of those engaged in it, the environment and our island nation. Central to this is helping the public learn more about local seafood and sustainability. In 2014 we launched Fish on Friday, a seafood blog designed to celebrate everything great about British seafood and the men and women who catch it.

Now, 6 years later, we have decided to build on the fantastic stories and recipes from Fish on Friday to create a more regionally focused site, connecting you to local fishermen and seafood, and supporting coastal communities and businesses. Enter – Discover Seafood!

We want everybody to discover the remarkable stories behind the seafood on our plates, to know where to buy it in a way that supports the local fishing fleet, to know which species to enjoy each season, and to be able to prepare and cook seafood which makes the most of its amazing taste and flavours.

Discover Seafood gives seafood communities a platform from which to tell their stories. This site could not exist without your involvement, if you have a story to tell – get in touch.