All about Skrei

Skrei (pronounced “skray”) is a special kind of migratory Norwegian cod. Its name means “wanderer”, referring to the 1000km journey the mature fish make each year to their spawning grounds off Norway. It’s this epic swim through the rough Barents Sea that gives Skrei it’s succulent, flavoursome white flesh. Skrei is strictly seasonal and the catch is tightly monitored. 

The Barents Sea is the world’s largest cod stock; it’s in very good condition, is widely considered well managed and is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

To show Skrei off at its best, avoid over-cooking: it can even be cooked at temperatures as low as 38°C. It’s a remarkably versatile fish, which really lends itself to tongue-to-tail cooking, as the diagram below shows. For a complete guide to Skrei, click here.