Saithe Рalso known as Coley  Рis a whitefish, although its flesh is grey when raw. When cooked, the flesh turns a brilliant clear white and is firm and flakey, making it easy to cook with. Species range from 500g to 6kg but are usually only available as fillets.

Saithe has a rich, fishy flavour and is thus more distinctive than other whitefish and work well in spicy or full-flavoured dishes. It is an excellent option for fishcakes or croquettes. Look out for hand-line caught saithe, which is the highest quality and most sustainable option.

Adapted from Love Seafood


South South

Seafood type:


Best during:

January , May - December

Cooking recommendations:

Deep fry, bake, grill or steam

Nearest Alternatives:

Cod Whiting Haddock

Alternative Names:

  • Coley
  • Coalfish