Gurnards are a wonderfully bizarre yet friendly looking fish, with a large bony head and distinctive spiny fins. For years they were thrown back or used as bait by fishermen but in recent years the popularity of this delicious fish has risen.

The most common variations are red, grey and yellow or tub gurnards. All are very similar in shape and taste, only the skin colours really change.  Commonly used for stocks, soups and bouillabaisse, gurnard is rated by several well-known chefs. Gurnard has a good bold flavour, firm textured flesh, takes strong flavours and pan-fries or grills well.

Adapted from Love Seafood


Seafood type:


Best during:

March - April , August - September


March - April , August - October

Cooking recommendations:

Bake, grill, poach, pan fry, steam or stir fry

Nearest Alternatives:

Sardine Dab Pollack