Pollack is often confused with saithe (also known as coley) but is larger, and can be distinguished by the sharply curved lateral line, protruding lower jaw and a silvery-gold back. Whole fish range from 500g to 3kg. Pollack is a great tasting fish and is gaining popularity in the UK. It offers a good alternative to cod, as the flesh is not as white in colour but is very similar in taste and texture.

Prices can be high, partly due to the irregular supplies of this popular fish, which is not easy to catch. Fresh pollack is readily available between November to May – during the other months of the year, availability varies. Look out for hand-line caught pollack, which is the highest quality and most sustainable option available.

Adapted from Love Seafood


Seafood type:


Best during:

January - February , June - December

Cooking recommendations:

Bake, deep fry, grill, poach

Nearest Alternatives:

Saithe Cod Haddock Hake Whiting

Alternative Names:

  • Lythe
  • Lithe