Sardines are a delicious, silvery fish. Confusingly, they are the same species as pilchards and the differentiator is essentially size: smaller fish are called sardines and the larger, older fish are called pilchards. Sardines are high in omega 3 and are incredibly healthy. The Cornish sardine ring net fishery was re-certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in 2017.

Sardines are fabulous barbecued or grilled whole and served as a starter. They have a bold flavour and soft texture, with tiny bones that can easily be eaten. Fished off the UK’s south coast, the French coast and the Mediterranean, they tend to prefer warmer waters.

Adapted from Love Seafood


Seafood type:


Best during:

January - February , July - December


January - February , July - December

Cooking recommendations:

Barbecue, grill, bake, poach or stir fry

Nearest Alternatives:

Herring Sardine