Scallops are made up of attractive fan-shaped shells, which contain translucent, juicy meat, wrapped with a bright orange roe or coral. King scallops have one cupped shell of roughly 15cm wide, whilst queen scallops have two smaller shells at around 7cm wide. The membrane, grey-brown frill and black thread of intestine are all discarded.

If you are looking to buy scallops from the fishmonger make sure you look out for hand-dived scallops as they are far more sustainable. A superb starter with or without shells, scallop meat has a sweet, delicate flavour and texture, and requires very little cooking – the simpler the better. Best either steamed, pan-fried or grilled.

Adapted from Love Seafood


Seafood type:


Best during:

January - February , June - August , December


All year round

Cooking recommendations:

Steam, pan-fry or grill

Nearest Alternatives: